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Trujillo and Lima

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I was originally going to stay in Huaraz for a little longer last week and do a trek but a transportation strike was scheduled for later in the week across all of Peru. This created a problem for the trekking companies. None of the operators could commit to treks because they couldn´t guarantee the trekkers would get back to Huaraz with the strike. So I decided to scram Huaraz while I could. Took a nine hour night bus from Huaraz to Trujillo.

Visited several great ruins near Trujillo with a day tour group on the morning I arrived from Huaraz.

Chan Chan --- this figure is actually four and a half feet tall

Huaca de la Luna Ruins. This temple is over a thousand years old. Excavation began just forty years ago.

This is a view from the top of Huaca de la Luna towards Huaca del Sol, which is the big mound in the distance. All in between these Huacas was a vast city that still lies underneath the sand. You can see ruins sticking up everywhere you look. Huaca del Sol has not been excavated as of yet.

Huaca Arco Iris

While in Trujillo I visited the fishing town of Huacachaco. Fisherman still paddleout on the reed boats to catch fish, others fish from the shore line with nets.

The transportation strike kept me in Trujillo for a couple of days more than I had planned but it worked out since I was sick. At some point I got some sort of stomach bug, bound to happen at some point. It was either the fish that I had one night or the local, once a week special stew that the waiter talked me into having for lunch. Found out later the special stew contained the lining of a pigs stomach. Guess I should learn to ask what specific parts of the pig they use when they mention a pork stew. The only redeeming quality of my rundown hostel room was that it had a television. I managed to learn some additional spanish through subtitles while laid up in bed. Spanish soap operas are pretty informative, I can now say ¨El nino es nada mio¨ (The baby is not mine), hopefully I won´t have to use that phrase.

Took another nine hour bus ride south on the Panamerican Highway to Lima, Peru on Thursday. Some views of the desert in Peru. The scenery is really spectacular, at some points the highway runs right along the beach.

Overall the buses here are much nicer than in Ecuador. Luckily I´ve been able to travel on a first class line on almost all of my trips so far. Reclining seats, movies, meal service, bathrooms and a stewardess. Haven´t had to pull any of these buses out of a ditch yet...crossing my fingers.

This is my second time around in Lima. Just here until tonight (Sat) when I grab a night bus to Arequipa, Peru...13 hour trip, hopefully I´ll get some sleep.

The Road Goes on Forever in Peru!

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Amazing pictures on your website! Safe travels bro


by hfong

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